Temporary staffing solutions help business managers to hedge against the uncertainties of business fluctuations.  Temporary help is perfect to cover absentees and holidays; and its also a great solution to fill a position while your organization is considering permanent candidates for the role. Peaks and valleys are a normal part of your business cycle and so should be temporary staffing solutions. Staffmax delivers temporary and contract staffing to meet your needs for every position and every reason.

The Staffmax temporary workforce is a pool of pre-qualified employees who are available on a just in time and short-term basis.
While Staffmax clients remain focused on their core business, Staffmax provides the workforce solutions to get the job done.

Let's Begin!

To find the perfect fit we first need to gain an understanding of the role and how it fits in your organization. We will work with you to assess the technical as well as the "soft" skills that are required for the role. We provide both contract and permanent staffing options. If you are unsure as to which would suit your needs we will discuss the advantages of each for a particular situation.

The Next Step

We start the search. This includes currently screened candidates that fit your criterion as well as active advertising, using industry resources and business contacts. Our goal is to have a smaller pool of superior candidates versus a large pool of under qualified candidates. This includes candidates who are actively pursuing a career change as well as those who are not looking but may be open to new opportunities presented to them. We select the top candidates using a variety of techniques including skills testing, behavioural-based interviewing, and comprehensive reference-checking. If there is a process that is included in your company's hiring process; that you would like us to include, we will include that in your specific placement plan.

Presentation of Candidates

Once we have screened, interviewed, tested and referenced a candidate we will present the top candidates to you with an overview of our notes. Our notes include such things as: skills and experience as related to position, general work practices, leadership style, career objectives, salary expectations as well as the reason the candidate is interested in the role. Depending on the role we may include reference results and testing results. These results will be either faxed or emailed over to our person of contact as well as any other individuals making the final decision.

Candidate Selection

Once you have made a decision on which candidate(s) you'd like to meet we will arrange for you to meet with the selected candidates. Once you've made your selection, we take care of the remaining details, unless you would prefer to make the offer yourselves. For permanent roles, we can work with you or your Human Resource department to finalize the contract details and the job offer. For contract or temporary positions, we manage all necessary documentation including, payroll, employee remittances and terminations when you no longer require the individual.