Customized For Employers 

Every recruitment mandate requires personal attention and a customized approach.  The Staffmax team of professional recruitment consultants treat every mandate with personal care.  Contingency Search, Retained Search, Contract Conversions - Staffmax has a recruitment solution for every employer and every job.  

Let's Begin

Sourcing and matching the perfect candidates require a complete understanding of the role and how it fits in your organization. We work with you to assess the experience, credentials, technical skills and "soft" skills required for the role.  We consider everything from compensation to culture.

The Search

We start with our database of screened candidates.  Every position is also advertised with employer confidentiality and our recruitment team reaches out to industry resources and business contacts.  We reach beyond candidates actively pursuing a career change by also networking and discussing opportunities to qualified passive candidates.


We select the top candidates using a variety of techniques including skill testing, behavioural-based interviewing, professional personality profiling and comprehensive reference-checking.  We also customize the matching process to include specific criteria required by in the clients' hiring process.  

Presentation of Candidates

Candiadte presentation includes a complete review of resume, skills, fit, references, and compensation.  We coordinate all interviews, meetings, and follow-ups.

Candidate Selection

Once you've made your decision we take care of the remaining details.   unless you would prefer to make the offer yourselves. We work with candiadtes, supervisors and your Human Resource department to cordinate and finalizeall all the details including job offers, benefits, pre-hire medicals, background clearances, relocation and more.  For contract or temporary positions, we manage all necessary documentation including, payroll, government remittances, workers compensation, terminations and  Records of Employemnt. 
Whether you are expanding or replacing employees, the right person can make the world of difference in performance and productivity.